We provide the trainings to advocates and judicial Aspirants on the various fields of forensic science so that this course will deliver brief and practical knowledge of important areas of forensic science that includes:


Fingerprint Development & Examination

Fingerprint examination and verification includes-

  • Introduction on fingerprint.
  • Methods for development of latent fingerprint.
  • Matching and verification of fingerprint.
  • Comparison of fingerprint.
  • Report writing



Documents Examination

  • Introduction about document.
  • Types of questioned documents.
  • Forgery and its types.
  • Examination of various types of documents.
  • Examination of security features in currency notes.
  • Examination of handwriting.
  • Analysis of handwriting and signature.
  • Report writing.

Crime Scene Investigation & Management

This training will develop crime scene management skill and,
potential to understand the crime scene.
This training program includes

  • Nature of Crime
  • Types of crime
  • Crime Scene Precautions
  • Photography of the crime scene
  • Method of searching evidence
  • Collection of evidence
  • Preservation of evidence
  • Packaging , handling and forwarding of evidence.
  • Collection of desired controlled sample
  • Crime scene reconstruction


Cyber Forensics and Digital Forensics

Cyber forensic training will help you to know about various
cyber aspects which will help you to secure your cyber world.
Cyber forensic training includes-

  • IP tracking.
  • Email tracking.
  • Fake website scam.
  • Social Media Crime Investigation
  • Collection and preservation of digital evidences
  • Examination of audio video evidences