Legal Basta  Forensic Services

Legal Basta is one of the leading company which is providing forensic services training & consultancy all over India. Legal Basta pvt ltd  is  registered by ISO (9001:2015).  This company is directed and managed by Madhvi Sharma  a well known and fascinated to encourage new developments and research in the field of forensic sciences includes cyber laws.

We are determined to provide the best forensic services for civil as well as criminal cases related to forensic handwriting identification, signature verification & examination, forensic examination and verification of Questioned Documents, development of latent fingerprints, fingerprint identification and verification. We also provide forensic services in civil and criminals cases all over India.

We provide forensic consultation on various types of criminal cases related to  suicide , rape, murder, hit and run cases, false allegations by  wives, etc.

Our aim is to :-
  • Provide the best trainings to the students in forensic science and criminals investigation.
  •  Introduce new development and research in different fields of forensic science to law Students, Forensic students & Judicial aspirants
We  Provide Services :-
  • Document Examination  & Verification.
  • Handwriting & Signature Verification.
  • Fingerprint Development & Examination.
  • Fingerprint Comparison .
  • Cyber Forensic
  • Forensic Psychology.
  • Crimes Scene Investigation.
Certificate Courses:-
  • Document Examination
  • Fingerprint Development & Examination.
  • Forensic Anthropology.
  • Crime Scene Investigation.
  • Ethical hacking & Cyber Ethics.
  • Physical Evidence & Examination.
  • Biological Evidence & Examination.
  • Forensic Serology.